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As much as I would like to read cookbooks all day, it doesn’t really pay the bills, not to mention cover the food I buy to cook all the recipes in my cookbook collection.  Yes, I have a day job.  Luckily, I really love what I do and get to meet some very kind people along the way.  I have a very kind couple who I see on regular basis, who always bring me a bottle of wine every time they come in.  The first visit they brought me bottle of their favorite local wine and after mentioning that my husband loves wine and had a wine cellar put in our basement, they continue to bring me wine at every visit.  Now, I do enjoy wine (really who doesn’t), but we all have our favorites. I favor Zins and Chardonnay (but only in the summer), my husband favors Cabernets and Shiraz, this kind couple- they favor fruit flavored wine from St. James winery, a Missouri based vineyard.  Now, I do love it when my Zin has a berry undernote  or when my white has nuances of apricot, but when the wine is titled after the fruit and drips with syrupy sweetness of the given fruit, honestly not my favorite.  St. James specializes in sweet fruit flavored wine grown in Missouri.  Due to the kindness of these lovely folks, I have a variety of fruit wines now occupying space in my husband’s wine cellar: Mango, Cranberry, Blackberry, Strawberry…..you get the picture.  After looking at these bottles several times over the last few weeks, I decided that I need to use them for something. Last week, I used the strawberry wine to make a strawberry bundt cake–it was good but not a “blog worthy” recipe.  Today, I decided to use the mango wine to make sangria and tonight we will toast to the kindness of this couple for providing us with a refreshing summer beverage.

White Mango Sangria


2 bottles St. James Winery Mango Wine (or really any fruit flavored wine will work)

Sliced fruit: Mango chunks, nectarine slices, raspberries, navel orange, peaches

1 2 liter bottle of chilled Ginger Ale, Diet Ginger Ale , Club Soda or Sparkling water

Combine the two bottles of wine with the fruit and let sit for at least one hour in the refrigerator.

Sweet Sangria: add the bottle of chilled ginger ale

Sweet Sangria without the guilt: add the bottle of Diet Ginger Ale

Not-so Sweet Sangria: Add club soda or sparkling water

Pour into glasses and enjoy.